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末日阴影: 生日当天死亡概率最高

本文摘要:Be careful blowing out the candles. Scientists have found we are more likely to die on our birthday than any other day.刮起生日蜡烛的时候要当心哦。科学家找到,一个人在生日当天丧生的几率比其他日子都要低。


Be careful blowing out the candles. Scientists have found we are more likely to die on our birthday than any other day.刮起生日蜡烛的时候要当心哦。科学家找到,一个人在生日当天丧生的几率比其他日子都要低。Researchers who studied more than two million people over 40 years found a rise in deaths from heart attacks, strokes, falls and suicides.研究人员在40年间对200万余人展开了调查研究,找到在生日当天杀于心脏病、中风、跌倒和自杀身亡的人更加多。

William Shakespeare died on his birthday on April 23 1616. The actress Ingrid Bergman also died on her birthday, in August 1982.威廉莎士比亚病死1616年4月23日——他生日那天。女演员英格丽褒曼也在1982年8月的生日那天去世。On average, people over the age of 60 were 14 percent more likely to die on their birthdays.平均值而言,60岁以上的人在生日当天去世的几率要高达14%。

Heart attacks rose 18.6 percent on birthdays and were higher for men and women while strokes were up 21.5 percent - mostly in women.生日当天心脏病发的概率要高达18.6%,男女均是如此。中风的几率则减少21.5%,女性占多数。Dr Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross of the University of Zurich, said: Birthdays end lethally more frequently than might be expected. He added that risk of birthday death rose as people got older.苏黎世大学的弗拉德塔阿吉达西克-格罗斯博士说道:“生日成忌日的情况比预期的更好。


”他补足说道,随着人们年龄减小,生日丧生的风险也不会减小。Canadian data also showed that strokes were more likely on birthdays, especially among patients with high blood pressure.加拿大的数据还表明,在生日那天中风的可能性更大,尤其是高血压患者。There was a 34.9 percent rise in suicides, 28.5 percent rise in accidental deaths not related to cars, and a 44 percent rise in deaths from falls on birthdays.生日那天自杀身亡的可能性高达34.9%,和爆胎牵涉到的事故丧生可能性高达28.5%,跳下的可能性高达44%。Psychologist prof Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, said: It seems to be a valid finding.赫特福德大学的心理学教授理查德思兹曼说道:“这或许是个佐证的找到。

”There are two camps - one is the camp that suggests you eat too much and your getting on a bit and that causes you to die.“有两种情况,一种是饮食过量、激动过了头,造成心脏病发。”The other is a placebo effect . You are knife-edged on death. And you kept yourself going until your birthday. You think thats it Ive had enough Im out of here.“另一种情况是安慰剂效应。丧生早已步步主动出击,但是你却仍然坚决到生日那天。

然后你想要‘好了,我早已从这个世界获得了充足的东西’。”Dr Lewis Halsey, of the University of Roehampton, said: One interesting finding is that more suicides happen on birthdays, though only in men.罗汉普顿大学的路易斯哈尔西博士说道:“一个有意思的找到是,更好的人自由选择在生日那天自杀身亡,不过只有男性是这样。”Perhaps men are more likely to make a statement about their unhappiness when they think people will be taking more notice of them.“或许男性指出生日这天人们不会更好地留意他们,这样他们才更加有可能宣告自己的意外。

”The study is published in the journal Annals of Epidemiology.该研究公开发表在《流行病学纪事》杂志上。



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